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As a smart factory service supplier, Dr. Industrial Group provides one-stop services from the provision of smart manufacturing solutions to industrial automation products, from smart manufacturing training to professional maintenance, focusing on the smart upgrade and transformation of equipment, production and processing, equipment support, and skills training To achieve smart, efficient, environmentally friendly and safe production. The company's main business includes intelligent manufacturing and industrial robots, artificial intelligence new retail, industrial automation one-stop service, and industrial robot after-sales service.
Dr. Industrial Group is a technology service enterprise in the field of intelligent manufacturing integrating robot integrated application, sales and technical services. It is committed to let enterprises use robots and use intelligent automation technology to help enterprises better improve production efficiency and improve production. surroundings. The company has gathered a group of outstanding talents who have been working in the field of robot automation for many years, and has a professional team in integrated application fields such as welding, spraying, palletizing and handling, and provides corresponding installation and commissioning, after-sales technology and training services. The company’s main and authorized robot brands are KUKA, ABB, Yaskawa, Fanuc, Kawasaki, OTC, AUBO, Omron, etc., involving metal processing, home appliances, logistics, food, medicine, plastics, consumer products, scientific research In many aspects, the thoughtful and high-quality service and outstanding team strength make the company have a high reputation in the industry. In 2018, the new retail division of Doctor of Engineering was established, mainly serving the retail consumer market, using artificial intelligence and robotics technology to empower new retail, transform the traditional retail industry, and promote consumption upgrades. The aftermarket service department of Dr. Industrial's industrial robots provides installation, commissioning, maintenance and related accessories of industrial robots. Domestic 7*24h after-sales service escorts the production of factories and enterprises.
As an overall solution supplier for industrial robots, Dr. Industrial robot complete sets of equipment are mainly used in high-end equipment manufacturing fields such as construction machinery, petrochemical, rail transit, mining machinery, shipbuilding, aerospace and military industry, and other important industries in the national economy. Automated complete sets of equipment such as robotic welding, spraying, palletizing and handling have already realized the "turnkey" project of development, design and manufacturing. The company has independent core technologies including R&D, technology, unit products, complete sets of equipment, automated production lines, after-sales service, quality control, etc., and has formed a complete industrial value chain of industrial robot system solutions. It has strong competitive advantages and is Our reputation and excellent quality have won the trust and support of our customers.
Our mission: make smart manufacturing easier.

Our vision: Where is the intelligent manufacturing, where is Dr. Industrial

Our values: Customer first, Teamwork, Embrace change.Integrity, Passion, Honest.

We uphold the mission of making industrial automation simple and efficient and strive to promote the development of the intelligent manufacturing industry so that Dr. Industrial will become the leader of the intelligent manufacturing service supplier. Dr. Industrial takes industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing as the company's foundation and embraces change, win-win cooperation, and the values ​​of integrity as its business philosophy to welcome a better future.



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