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CNC welding robot KR 20 R1810 welding robot 6 axis and robot

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CNC welding robot KR 20 R1810 welding robot 6 axis and robot welding torch



Maximum reach 1813 mm
Maximum payload 20 kg
Pose repeatability (ISO 9283) ± 0.04 mm
Number of axes 6
Mounting position Floor/ Ceiling/Wall
Footprint 430.5 mm x 370 mm
Weight approx. 250 kg
Protection rating IP65
Controller  KR C4 compact
Teach pendant  KUKA smartPAD
Motion range
A1 ±185°
A2 (-185° / 65°)
A3 (-138°- 175°)
A4 ±350°
A5 ±130°
A6 ±350°

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